Music Art And Drama-Dance

Arts based activities play a crucial role in the development of our youth community. They provide opportunities for youths to learn new skills, develop confidence and artistic expression. They encourage social inclusion and integration. The arts provide a platform for personal growth and development shaping a positive future for our youth community.

Music Art Dance: An action packed weekly class designed to build confidence and develop creativity through music, art, dance, performance and drama.

Music - Developing musical skills through: singing, percussion and rhythms, improvisation, composition & form, instrument making and working with various instruments.

Art - Self expression through:paint, drawing, craft, face painting, t-shirt making, set design and construction, costumes, stage make-up, lighting, video, production, games, role-playing, drama, theatre, arts management and performance art.

Dance - Developing creative expression through:movement, rhythmic styles, exploring sel-expression, creative, composition, form and choreography.

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